SOD (Supply On Demand)

As our sole purpose is to provide uninterrupted service to our customers, our ‘Supply on Demand’ service enables consumers place pre orders for existing and non-existing books. We also take orders for out of stock books as well and ensure that you receive the required products in due time. With our extensive network of publishers and distributors, we aim to cater to all your reasonable needs.


• We offer no refund in case:
a) Customer cancels order after confirmation from our side; and
b) Customer receives their order. • When Customer need to pay Extra Amount:
a) There might be change in MRP when we receive the book from the publisher. In that case, we'll ask the customer to pay for/return the difference amount.

Frequently Asked Question

Under our ‘Supply on Demand’ service, we take orders for books which are not available at our stores and arrange them from our counterparts. Our objective is to become your go to option for all your book requirements.

No, you will get the books at reasonable prices. We will charge nothing extra for arranging the required titles. We'll ask the customer to pay for/return the difference amount only if there is any change in Price of the book(s) arranged by us.

Yes, just like our regular books, books on demand can also be replaced with the right title.

No, we do not provide all out of stock books under this service. We only take orders for books with "Supply on Demand" or "SoD" labels/marking/stickers.

You will know the status of your order within 48 hours of placing the order. In case of confirmation, you will be informed regarding the same within 48 hours, however, in case of unavailability of books with our channel partners your refund will be initiated within 48 hours.

No, we will ensure that you get your deliverables in minimum time, just like our regular books.

You can order any genre of books. It is our responsibility to cater to your needs and deliver the required item.

Yes, we allow our customers to cancel their SoD order, but the cancellation should be requested within 24 hours of placing the order.

Yes, we take special orders for books not included in our SoD list. To avail of such books, kindly fill the "Request" form provided at the footer.

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